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Peter TerryPeter Terry

What is your favorite thing about being a teacher?
I find working with the students very energizing and it is inspiring to be around people who are seeing some of these things for the first time.  Sometimes their insights are pretty amazing to me.

What age were you when you first discovered that you wanted to be a teacher?
I was about 25 and in master's school.

What is your favorite subject to teach, and why?
Probably music theory or music composition. I've done it for so long it's like breathing, and you have a very intense interaction with the class and you get to know them so well.

Where is your favorite place/ season/ event on Bluffton's campus?
Spring on the path from Centennial to College Hall reminds me of what a beautiful place this is.

Who were your favorite teachers in high school and middle school?
My band director in high school opened a lot of doors in my head, but my favorite academic teacher anywhere (and this includes 11 years of college) would be my high school English teacher. He was brilliant, funny and absolutely demanding. He saved me from myself and taught me how to write, and more importantly how to think and express myself verbally.

What do you do in your free time?
I don't know what to do with free time. In the summer I kayak every morning for an hour and try to bike at least 16-25 miles a day. The rest is for spending time with family.

What was the first job you ever had?
I was a paperboy. I made 35 cents a day and that was great money at the age of 10.

What kinds of activities did you participate in when you attended college?
As a music major I was in about five ensembles at a time and participated in marching band. I was never a very well-rounded person. I did Bible study and hung out with the business majors.

Where is somewhere that you would like to visit?
Machu Pichu, Ankor Wat, actually almost anywhere.

What is your 'bucket list', or a couple things you would like to do before you die?
I've always been disappointed that I never learned another language fluently. I'd like to study theology and be able to read source documents in the original languages. And I'd like to live in a foreign country long enough to really feel foreign, then comfortable.