Business administration

MEDA convention

Students who attend the Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) convention can participate in a case study competition which involves marketing, economics and public speaking skills. >>> More from the fall 2013 MEDA convention

Business administration students take core business administration classes and select an additional area of concentration.  Core classes provide students an understanding of the interrelationships of the functional areas in business, while the concentration  allows the student to develop a deeper understanding of one specific area.

Concentration options:

  • Finance: This concentration is designed to provide students with a foundation in the fields of corporate finance (budgeting and controlling a firm's assets), financial investments (stocks and bonds) and financial institutions (banks, savings and loans, credit unions). 
  • Human resources: Human resource personnel manage people in the organization. They deal with the areas of recruitment, training, employee relations, compensation, health, safety and separation. Additionally, they deal with the impact of government regulations and the demands of society.
  • International business: Students are exposed to issues and practices related to trade across international lines. Students interested in a career in international business may consider adding a minor in international studies or adding a major or minor in Spanish.
  • Management: Learn to problem solve in a constantly changing business environment. The application of management theory to actual practice helps students grasp the fundamental body of knowledge that is vital to success in contemporary business operations.
  • Marketing: Students will gain knowledge of marketing research, marketing strategies, target markets, pricing, distribution, new product development, promotion, advertising and consumer behavior.  Students interested in marketing may consider earning a minor in graphic design.
  • Nonprofit management: Learn about the unique accounting and management issues that are found in state and local government agencies, as well as nonprofit organizations.
  • Comprehensive business: This program is designed for students who prefer a broad business preparation for a variety of careers in business, government, public or social service organizations. For the program, a minimum of 9 hours is selected from department courses representing the various disciplines.

This major can be completed in three years if you are a dedicated and ambitious student.

Explore the courses required for a

  • Major in business administration
  • Minor in business administration

Four-year plans are guidelines for course selection leading to a business administration major. The sample plan for students in placed in pre-calculus  has one less course than the plan for students placed in college algebra.  Dedicated and ambitious students may complete their bachelor's degree early by following this three year plan.

We expect that our graduates will serve as leaders and valued team members in their organizations. In our classes and through travel and study opportunities out of class, we create opportunities for our students to develop their leadership skills and to learn what it means to engage in helpful ways as a member of the team.

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