by Jeddie Sophronius

Cowl of the Sparrow

Here, a sparrow & a boy, who didn’t know a King,
the One who died for our sins, & he said,
God has forgotten the proverbial words of men who had
to watch over Eden, where the sparrows were flocked
like sheep, inside the cave with the burning bush
& here,    a voice, of
a shepherd, an imitation of    God,
trying to calm the raging oceans. with their sandals on,
their wailings, in the darkness are the same as
their silence. the people worshipped the bystanders,
the Pharisees stared at the Golden Calf; who stood by as
a bruised boy trying to sell a garment of    the Lord, fell silent…
his cowl of shame spoke of a priest as if he were
a sinful creature, who never knew what it’s like to be


Jeddie Sophronius

Jeddie Sophronius was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. He is a junior at Western Michigan University, majoring in English with an emphasis in creative writing. He lives in Kalamazoo, Mich.