Alumni success stories


At Bluffton, success doesn't necessarily mean making the most money... it's more a matter of touching lives, making a positive difference in the world of living out the university's mission of being prepared "for life as well as vocation, for responsible citizenship, for service to all peoples and ultimately for the purposes of God's universal kingdom."

Norma Flores '03Realizing dreams
Norma Flores, class of 2003
Lourdes College adjunct history professor 
Norma hopes she presents her students with the same type of learning environment she had while at Bluffton, and continues to stretch herself in new ways, teaching nontraditional students who are often as old as her parents and grandparents.  More...

Scott Minnig '98Building teamwork
Scott Minnig, class of 1998
Wapakoneta City Schools 6th grade math teacher, boy's varsity basketball coach
"We aren't going to graduate many NBA players, but we are going to have a lot of professionals out in the world, and I want them to know what hard work is and how to be a good person as well."  More...

Amy Blankenship BCOMP '03Prioritizing values
Amy Blankenship, BCOMP class of 2003
Sauder Manufacturing sales support
"Taking classes such as 'Living in a Global Community' and 'Faith and Community' made me realize that I couldn't change the world by myself. But, I could change my attitude. If I can show people grace, love and compassion, they can, in turn, hopefully show others the same." More...

Tyson Goings '01Discovering potential
Tyson Goings, class of 2001
Starr Commonwealth's Montcalm School for Girls activities coordinator
Tyson realizes that the time he devotes to Starr's residents is much like the time Carlin Carpenter and Tami Forbes devoted to him while he was at Bluffton. "I see potential in every girl that enters the program. Most of them just made some bad choices in their lives. I offer them different options." More...

Michelle (Stopa '96) OgunwaleValuing cultures
Michelle (Stopa) Ogunwale, class of 1996
The Cleveland Clinic, physician assistant in colorectal surgery
"It's about empowering others to 'teach people to fish so that they can feed their village for the rest of their lifetime.' Bluffton re-introduced me to the importance of serving others. It made me the person I am today, and I'll continue to try making a difference in the lives of others." More...