Alumni Profiles

Dr. Todd CrailDr. Todd Crail '95
"'A unique situation'"
Many alumni remember Bluffton as a "caring" campus community. For Dr. Todd Crail, that description may be particularly meaningful. "I was a great example of what not to do," says Crail about his college experience. "I wasn't ready for responsibility." But, in what he calls "a unique situation," Bluffton was "a community that accepted me even though I was a real challenge." More>>>


Dr. Andrew BixlerDr. Andrew Bixler '02
"Wide-ranging work"
Dr. Andrew Bixler says he "took a leap" when he decided to major in psychology despite having taken no psychology courses his first two years at Bluffton. Thirteen years later, and three years removed from earning a doctorate in the field, he has made another jump, this one involving service at opposite ends of the age spectrum. More>>>