2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Rose-Hulman vs. Bluffton University
  Date: 10/31/15  • Site: Bluffton, Ohio

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 End of period [90:00].
 Foul on Rose-Hulman Will McGowen.
[84:44]  RHIT-M substitution: Bobby Gaertig for Davis Ferriell.
[84:44]  RHIT-M substitution: Will McGowen for Ben Dreikosen.
[84:44]  BUMS15 substitution: Blake Drewes for Dalton Feltman.
[81:30]  Foul on Rose-Hulman Ross Klauer.
[79:38]  Shot by BUMS15 Jake Headings, SAVE Michael Lawrence {shot from top of box}.
[79:00]  BUMS15 substitution: Jake Headings for Blake Drewes.
[78:53]  Shot by RHIT-M Stephen Varkoly WIDE LEFT {shot from top of box}.
[77:44]  Shot by RHIT-M Ross Klauer, SAVE M. Hardman-Zimmerman {shot from in the box}.
[76:51]  BUMS15 substitution: Appiah Adubofour for Austin Brown.
[75:59]  BUMS15 substitution: John Eckenrode for Jake Headings.
[74:23]  Shot by RHIT-M Michel Farhat BLOCKED {shot from close left wing}.
[73:38]  RHIT-M substitution: Lucas Kesterson for Steven Peterson.
[71:43]  BUMS15 substitution: Dalton Feltman for John Eckenrode.
[70:37]  Michael Lawrence at goalie for Rose-Hulman.
[70:26]  RHIT-M substitution: Michael Lawrence for Carter Wright.
[70:19]  Shot by BUMS15 Blake Hershberger HIGH {shot from far left wing}.
 Corner kick by BUMS15 Jake Headings [69:51].
[67:56]  RHIT-M substitution: Stephen Varkoly for Austin Webb.
[65:58]  BUMS15 substitution: Austin Brown for Appiah Adubofour.
[64:50]  Shot by BUMS15 Michael Ralph, SAVE Carter Wright {shot from top of box}.
[60:26]  RHIT-M substitution: Michel Farhat for Dieter Schultz.
[60:26]  RHIT-M substitution: Ross Klauer for Charles Lynch.
[60:16]  Header Shot by RHIT-M Erik Eksten WIDE LEFT {shot from in the box}.
 Corner kick by RHIT-M Dieter Schultz [59:58].
[59:14]  Shot by BUMS15 Adrian Ramirez, SAVE Carter Wright {shot from far left wing}.
[58:22]  Header Shot by RHIT-M Ben Dreikosen, SAVE M. Hardman-Zimmerman {shot from in the box}.
[56:17]  Offside against Rose-Hulman.
[55:13]  Foul on Rose-Hulman Mike Smyser.
[54:46]  Foul on Bluffton University Blake Hershberger.
 Corner kick by BUMS15 Adrian Ramirez [50:56].
[50:40]  Shot by BUMS15 Ryan Johnson-Evers WIDE LEFT {shot from top of box}.
[49:38]  Shot by BUMS15 Adrian Ramirez HIGH {shot from top of box}.
 Corner kick by BUMS15 Jake Headings [49:33].
[47:40]  Foul on Bluffton University Michael Ralph.
[46:18]  Shot by BUMS15 Blake Drewes WIDE RIGHT {shot from top of box}.
[45:54]  Shot by BUMS15 Ryan Johnson-Evers BLOCKED {shot from close left wing}.
[45:29]  Shot by RHIT-M Dieter Schultz, SAVE M. Hardman-Zimmerman {shot from close left wing}.
 For BUMS15: #31 M. Hardman-Zimmerman, #5 John Eckenrode, #6 Ryan Johnson-Evers, #7 Appiah Adubofour, #9 Blake Hershberger, #10 Braxton Mullet, #11 Adrian Ramirez, #12 Jake Headings, #14 Blake Drewes, #15 Michael Ralph, #19 Josh Carmack.
 For RHIT-M: #23 Carter Wright, #4 Mike Smyser, #10 Austin Webb, #16 Davis Ferriell, #18 Steven Peterson, #19 Charles Lynch, #21 Dieter Schultz, #22 Trevor Bednarek, #24 Turner Perkins, #26 Erik Eksten, #31 Ben Dreikosen.
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].