Snavely an accomplished student-athlete on and off the court

By Sherri Wilson, SID Intern
January 20, 2001

One of Bluffton College's top athletes is well on her way to an exciting career thanks to her own drive and determination. Elizabeth Snavely, a sports management major and BC basketball player, took a trip to Texas that landed her a great internship in professional baseball.

During her previous internship with the Toledo Mudhens, Elizabeth heard about the Professional Baseball Employment Organization. Every year, the organization meets searching to fill positions through an extensive interview process. From venders to management, the organization searches for the right people for the jobs. Elizabeth knew the competition would be highly competitive, but with a little money saved up and a donation from the sports management club on campus, she decided to head to Texas and give it a shot.

Snavely explained that the process was high-pressured and that interviewers hand selected applicants by scanning resumes, but in the end Snavely ended up with nine interviews.

Not only did Elizabeth have interviews; she also had job offers before she left Texas. But because she still has to finish school, she could not accept a position on the spot. However, Snavely still had many offers to decide between once graduation was over: Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Daytona Beach, Charleston, Jacksonville!

Snavely is not only motivated in her professional future, but also on the basketball court. She is the team leader in points, averaging 12.7 per game. She also leads the team in rebounds, averaging 6.5 so far this year. Snavely encourages anyone to take advantage of these kinds of opportunities. It is a great way to network and even walk away with a job.

On the 8th of January, Snavely took an internship offer with the Charlotte Knights, a AAA baseball team. Elizabeth will be in charge of most of the marketing for the team and will manage events at the field, find sponsors for events, sponsor contests, and work directly with the players and fans. Most likely Elizabeth will be offered a full time position after her internship has completed with the team.

When asked if Snavely wished to stay in AAA baseball or move to the major league level, she said she wanted to stay in the minors. She likes the interaction between players and fan, and she appreciates that the entire focus of the game is not on the money.