Quotes from tournament...


Check out the Scope article for a different tournament review with quotes from Head Coach Guy Neal.

North Central Head Coach Bob Bray

"Every game we're right there, some we pull out and some we don't. We don't really know what to expect. The guys should be ready to play. If we get our confidence going shooting-wise I'll be tickled."

Mount Union Head Coach Lee Hood

"We're looking to continue to improve. We're a young team, and after this we get right into our conference schedule. I've known Guy Neal since college, and we know that Coach Neal is going to have a fundamentally sound group of guys that are going to play hard."

Bluffton Head Coach Guy Neal

"I think we've got a real quality Division III tournament this year. The four teams come from three states and all different conferences. The three visiting teams have good players, have good programs and are very well coached. The quality of basketball has the makings for a great holiday tournament."

Sorry, Grove City Head Coach Steve Lamie was not reached for comment.