Lone Raven

March 13, 2014

Yoder Recital Hall

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Rapidly becoming one of the top bands in the Midwest, Lone Raven perform an eclectic blend of traditional music from the Celtic lands and various areas of the world, as well as their own original compositions.

 With more than 20 instruments on stage, the band soars through everything from fiery Irish Reels to Gypsy Fiddle Tunes to haunting airs. Their instrumentals are fueled by the award-winning guitar playing of Neil Jacobs, the twin fiddles of Elizabeth Blickenstaff and Kara Markley, while being driven by an explosive rhythm section of Craig Markley and Sid Omasta. In addition, Kara's breathtaking and expressive vocals are featured throughout each performance, with Elizabeth and Craig adding the perfect harmony blend.

The Band

  • Craig Markley-piano, accordions, whistles, guitar, percussion and vocal
  • Kara Markley-fiddle, keyboard and vocal
  • Neil Jacobs-12-string guitar, mandocello, tambura, prim
  • Elizabeth Blickenstaff-fiddle, mandolin, vocal
  • Sid Omasta-acoustic bass, mandolin, fiddle