Art major & minor

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The art major provides a strong foundation in a variety of studio experiences and allows time for you to pursue your own special interests.

In the first year you will receive fundamental training in design and drawing skills. The sophomore year includes exploration in a variety of studio areas. These include required courses in ceramics, painting, printing, printmaking, sculpture and elective options in graphic design, photography and watercolor. Additional elective and required studio courses are included in your junior year curriculum with specific requirements for career goals.

As a senior art major, three special courses will prepare you for the particular challenges you will face upon graduation. Portfolio Organization and Review assists in the development of a professional portfolio in preparation for the job search process. Senior Exhibition provides the experience of mounting an exhibition of personal work. Art Now Seminar provides an on-site survey of current trends in the visual arts through study of the galleries, museums and art resources of a major urban area.

This major can be completed in three years if you are a dedicated and ambitious student.

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A Four-year plan is provided as a guideline for course selection leading to an art major.

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