Art & Writing major

  • Structural Evidence
    Laura Barnhardt-Corle
  • Stories and Studies
    The Hunt by Colleen Kelsey
  • Pulse
    Rebecca Romick
  • Vestige
    I would give you all that you don't want by Emily Jay
  • Stories and Studies
    Jeremy Long
  • Twee Kunstenarrs
    Tom Duimstra
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Art & Writing major

The art and writing major is an interdisciplinary major combining strengths from the art department and the English department for students interested in both visual and written arts. The two areas of study fit together nicely. A senior-level seminar invites students to consider how visual art and creative writing can together feed artistic creativity.

What will students do with an art and writing major? Graphic design is an obvious emphasis for the writer/artist. The major would also prepare one for study through a masters of fine arts program, work for publishing companies or entrepreneurship.

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A FOUR-YEAR PLAN is provided as a guideline for course selection leading to a major in art & writing.

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