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Deb Simon-Heinfeld

I joined the office of adult and graduate studies in January of 2006. I am humbled and honored to represent Bluffton and I find the work especially rewarding because I know our academic programs offer much, much more than simply a diploma to hang on the office wall. At Bluffton, we take students on an unbelievable journey of discovery, community, respect and service that can transform their personal as-well-as professional lives!
As a 2005 graduate of Bluffton, I've experienced firsthand the benefit of self-discovery that accompanies a degree from Bluffton University. As a recent graduate student, I understand the commitment that completion of an advanced degree requires. Having experienced both BCOMP and graduate studies allows me to provide students with a unique and in-depth perspective regarding degree completion and the challenge of balancing work, family and other commitments with university studies.
My husband, Dave, works for FDL Automation in Sidney. We live in Celina near Grand Lake with our dog, Gilligan. I have always been especially passionate about issues regarding land and resource use, wildlife conservation, watersheds, recycling and waste reduction so living here is a dream realized. To some, I may seem a bit overzealous regarding fuel consumption, electrical usage and recycling/reduction/reuse efforts but I contend that even the smallest individual efforts, when combined with those of others, can make a big difference so I encourage everyone I know (meet) to climb aboard the responsible consumption train!
Feel free contact me anytime to learn how to begin your journey to achieving your highest academic & professional goals!

Deb Simon-Heinfeld
Office of adult and graduate studies
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