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Lindsey McGinnisLindsey (Gladfelter) McGinnis
Vice president of investments/financial adviser,
Chase Investment Services Corp., Lima, Ohio
The work has paid off for the Lima, Ohio, resident, a financial adviser and, just past her 30th birthday, a vice president at Chase Investment Services Corp.

Vancrest Health Care and Rehabilitation Center, Delphos, Ohio
When Cindy Langenkamp wanted a bachelor's degree so she could become a nursing home administrator,
but also had to keep working full time, she chose Bluffton's Cohort-based
Organizational Management Program (BCOMP).
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Naomi BakerNaomi baker
I am so thankful that I made this journey. I have learned so much more beyond classroom and textbooks. I feel like I am a better person and I am more caring and involved with my surroundings and my community. I know that I would not have had such a fulfilling educational experience anywhere other than Bluffton. 

Before this journey I did not understand the importance of a bachelor's degree. I remember saying (in frustration) more than once, "It is only a piece of paper!" I was so very WRONG! I have learned so much about the value of a good education and how important it is in every aspect of my life not just for job advancement but in my personal life as well!