Creating Together

Many of the most successful people in life are those individuals who have learned to bring different ideas, concepts and people together to create incredible outcomes.

At Bluffton, we call this the power of purple – that sweet spot where different things, like academics and career preparation come together to create synergy, just as red and blue come together to create purple. Ultimately, it is this power, the Power of Purple, that sets us apart from other universities.

Power of Purple

Academics and Career preparation

Many colleges and universities choose to focus on either academics and research, or on career preparation and practical job skills. At Bluffton, we believe there is power in bringing the two together. That is why Bluffton students not only take classes in their major, but also take courses outside of their major.

We realize that employers are looking for employees with a wide range of skills and abilities. Employers are looking for individuals who have the ability to think critically, solve problems, find creative solutions and lead others.
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Education and Cross-cultural understanding

The world is becoming increasingly more globalized and we understand that it is important for our students to gain a global perspective and learn what it means to be global citizens. Bluffton’s cross cultural program provides this opportunity.

Approximately 85 percent of Bluffton students choose to experience another culture as an integral part of their education, and many have called their experience transformational.
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Mennonite church-affiliated and Welcoming of other denominations

While Bluffton is a Christian college affiliated with the Mennonite Church USA, we have more than 25 different denominations represented in our student body.

While we have things like Bible studies and chapel services, we do not require them of our students. Instead, we believe that students grow best when given the freedom to explore their faith in a diverse community.
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Knowledgeable faculty and Caring teachers

Bluffton’s campus is home to one of the world’s leading expert on turtle brains. We also have two Fulbright Scholars, published authors and composers, MIT and Duke Divinity School graduates, leading experts on communal Anabaptism and on super-computing.

What makes Bluffton’s faculty special is that they combine their knowledge and passion for their field with a passion for helping their students succeed. You will find faculty and staff doing things like playing Ultimate Frisbee, attending athletics competitions, going to musical and theatre productions and eating regularly in The Commons.
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