Financial aid

Are you looking for the best deal or the best value?

At Bluffton, you'll get both

  • Bluffton is in the Top 10 Percent in financial aid given among private four-year colleges and universities in our state and...
  • Tuition is below the average amount in those same schools.


We understand that paying for this investment can seem complicated and challenging. Our experienced financial aid staff is committed to answering your questions and connecting you with the resources available to meet your goals. 

At Bluffton we offer a wide range of scholarships. Our scholarships are based on academic achievement, musical or artistic talent, community involvement and leadership. New first-year students are able to calculate their academic scholarship by using the Scholarship Calculator.

Understanding your award letter

Students who have been accepted at Bluffton University and applied for financial aid will receive their initial award letters in the mail. Award letters for every college and university are different. 
>>> a guide to understanding your award letter from Bluffton