Fall 2012 drama

It's our relationships with others that give life meaning.

Students live on campus all four years, gaining academic and personal strength in a true community. You'll form lifelong bonds of friendship as you share varied perspectives with students from cities and towns and abroad.


Here, it's more than everyone knowing you by name. Faculty, staff and athletic teams help new students move in each fall. Professors involve students in their research and host discussion groups in their homes.


And people really want the answer when they ask how you are.


Living on campus
New roommates on move-in-day.

Living on campus is an amazing, essential part of the collegiate experience. 

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Be a Beaver!
Be a Beaver

Follow J. Denny Beaver through a day in the life of a Bluffton student. (Note that chapel is a weekly voluntary gathering.)

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Get involved!
Floor activity at the "Whippy Dip."

Compete, sing, perform, volunteer, lead... from International Connection to the Chapel Planning Committee, the opportunities to get involved are as varied as our students.

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