Luke Hickey

Luke Hickey 2017

Intervention specialist

Luke Hickey’s first season of college baseball earned him conference Freshman of the Year honors. While he still has three years of college left, he may be looking toward another, bigger honor: Teacher of the Year.

Aiming high on, and off, the field

Luke led the 2014 baseball Beavers with a .394 batting average, including a .429 mark in conference play. “It is very humbling knowing that all the hard work I put into this season paid off,” he says. “All the glory to God for making all of this possible.”


In addition to setting goals to help meet the needs of his team, he attributes hard work, focus and an “I’m going to get the job done” attitude to his success on the field.


Off the field, Luke is studying to become an intervention specialist, an area of education he began considering in high school. “I have always thought that teaching would be a good fit for me,” he says. “I took the Introduction to Education class at my high school and loved every second of it.”


During his senior year at Toledo Whitmer High School, he was among students who observed other local classrooms. One day, he sat in on a special education class. “After that experience, I knew these were the children I want to work with,” he says. “There is something about seeing them smile at you.”


Luke’s brother, Noah, who has special needs, has also influenced his career choice. “I see what he goes through every day: All the struggles, all the pain and all the frustration. But I also see the smile, the uncontrollable laughter, and the love and joy he brings to this world.”


Luke’s college goals may include continuing his success in baseball, but his life goal is to encourage and inspire the children he teaches. “I want to help and be there for those students every single day, and help lift them up if they are down,” he says.


“I hope to have my students leaving my classroom with a smile on their faces.”


Chay Reigle, public relations office