Jodi (Lugibihl) Quint

Jodi (Lugibihl) Quint 1999

Music education
Hillard, Ohio

Owner/operator Allegro Studios

What is your favorite Bluffton memory?
Some of the favorite memories I have from Bluffton are rehearsing, performing, and touring with Camerata Singers. It was a special way to connect with other singers, learn new and challenging choral music, and a wonderful opportunity to travel!

Jodi QuintWhat do you love about your job?
Well, my boss is amazing! OK, all joking aside, what is wonderful about owning and operating Allegro Studios is that I get to work one-on-one with students and do exactly what that particular student needs at the time; I love seeing the impact of high-quality music lessons in a student's life.


Being a business-owner has truly made me a better human being; I am continually stretched to see the world through others' points of view (my students, their parents or whoever is paying for lessons, school music teachers, my employees, law and policy makers) and I have learned to adapt, improve, and communicate my teaching in a way that never would have happened if I had stayed in the classroom.

What is your advice to incoming Bluffton students?
Stay open-minded! Be open to new experiences, ideas, and opportunities! I personally spent a bit too much time in my college years being too easily overwhelmed and too easily offended; I realized later that I didn't get as much out of some experiences as I could have because I was being resistant or cynical. There will be so many opportunities available to you in the next four years that it may feel overwhelming, but jump right in and take advantage what a small private college like Bluffton can offer!

How did Bluffton prepare you for what you are doing?
I truly appreciate that at Bluffton the professors, in my case the music department professors, were both caring and demanding. In a large university, I think I would have been overlooked and under-motivated. My music classes were so small and personalized, that there was no way that I could have graduated without a very solid foundation for a career in music.