Abbi (Stern) Yoder

Abbi (Stern) Yoder 2010

Social Work
Columbus, Ohio

Senior Service Coordinator at Community Properties of Ohio, helping low income seniors "age in place"

Why did you choose Bluffton?
I vividly remember walking onto campus the first time and thinking "this feels like summer camp." To me, camp had always been a second home so I knew that this place was God's place for me-- no questions asked.


What is your favorite Bluffton memory?
I loved being part of the leadership development program. Mark Bourassa (assistant dean of students) will forever be ingrained in my mind announcing every single layer of the seven layer salad. That's who the Bluffton staff are - fun people to be around.


What do you love about your job?
I love where God has brought me. I am working as an advocate for seniors, as well as getting my taste of managing and administrative work. It seems the experiences I have had have built on each other to help me do what I am doing today. And God is still giving me lots of room to grow, even in this job.


What is your advice to an incoming Bluffton student?

Be excited about the unknown and just run with it. If you seek God's direction, taking leaps of faith isn't scary. Leap into a few different classes, leap into a new major, leap into non-traditional routes (voluntary service, for example), leap into a town or city you've never been to for work, and take a leap of faith in believing God has made you for this work laid before you.

June 2014