Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find several commonly asked questions by international students interested in studying at Bluffton University:

Can international students earn money working on Bluffton's campus?
Yes. International students are allowed to work on campus during the year and over the summer. A variety of jobs are available across campus.

Is it easy for international students to get involved in campus activities?
Yes. Many of Bluffton's current international students are very involved in leadership positions across campus. In addition, there is a campus organization, called the International Connection, that meets regularly. This student organization is designed to promote international programming on campus and to provide a support network for international students.

Where do most international students come from who attend Bluffton?
We have a variety of countries represented. Some of them include China, Canada, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Bolivia, Nigeria, El Salvador and Mexico.

Where do international students live?
Bluffton University is a residential campus. All of our traditional students live on campus in one of our residence halls. International students are assigned a room on campus just like every other student attending Bluffton. There are usually two people in a room and 30 students on a floor.

Are there scholarships or grants available for international students to attend Bluffton?
All international students are eligible to receive academic scholarships. There are a limited number of international student grants available to students demonstrating a financial need for assistance.

Do international students from English-speaking countries have to take the TOEFL, SAT, ACT or approved equivalent assessment?
Yes. All entering international students have to meet this requirement. We require all entering American students to take the SAT or ACT exam.

Is there someone for international students to contact with specific questions during the application process?
Phil Birkey, the international programs counselor, is the primary contact for international students planning to attend Bluffton University. He works with all entering international students.