Alumni Grant


Alumni Grant available

A Cleveland grandfather who graduated from Bluffton urged his granddaughter, a high school senior, to check out the university during her college search, and even accompanied her on a recent campus visit.


That scenario—alumni grandparents telling their grandchildren about Bluffton—isn't unusual, says admissions director Derek Stemen. And the university wants to engage and invest in those kinds of relationships in part by offering a new grant, a renewable, $1,000 award for students whose parents or grandparents are alumni.


The Alumni Grant, whose initial recipients will be first-year or new transfer students in fall 2014, is available to all children and grandchildren, biological and legal, of Bluffton alumni—defined in this case as those who completed at least 12 credit hours on campus. It is added to a student's other financial aid and is renewable for four years.


The grant is an effort "to recognize our alumni and their investment in Bluffton," Stemen says. Its availability extends beyond parents, he adds, because grandparents also play an important role in the university community. Even if they have been gone many years, many still report that Bluffton had a "meaningful impact" on their lives, he says.