Technical help

Occasionally, problems have been reported by persons filling out Bluffton's online application. The problems typically relate to the browser configuration or antivirus/firewall program preventing cookies from being kept on their computer. The online application uses cookies to keep track of what page you are currently filling out. If cookies are not being kept then you can never move off of the initial page. (A less likely problem involves the browser not allowing forms from being filled out.)


To test to see if cookies can be accepted, click on this link:


The first time you visit the page you should get the current time stamp and a visit count. Click the refresh button on your browser. Every time that you click on the refresh button you should see the visit count go up.


If the the visit count does not change, you need to determine what program is blocking cookies. Start with your web-browser. In Internet Explorer,  access the cookie settings by clicking on menu options “Tools, Internet Options” followed by clicking on the “Privacy” tab. Make sure that the privacy tab is set to “Medium.”  Next, click on the “Advanced” button and make sure that the setting is to not override automatic handling of cookies.


If you are still having problems with the online application, please contact the admissions office, or 800-488-3257.


If all efforts fail, we encourage you to complete a paper application. All necessary forms for the application may be downloaded from our site. Or, if you prefer, contact us and we will send a paper copy in the mail.