Special Programs

Cross Cultural Experience

There are times that special academic programs are developed that transcend the typical major/minor/liberal arts and sciences requirements. Sometimes these programs go beyond the academic realm to shape the university as a whole.

Such programs at Bluffton include:

  • Civic Engagement Theme: An overarching theme is chosen to be woven into academic presentations, student-life activities and more throughout the coming year. Previous themes have included environmental stewardship, public health, immigration and poverty.
  • Study abroad: All Bluffton students have the opportunity to study abroad either for a short-term or semester-long experience. Locations include, but are not limited to, Northern Ireland, Trinidad, China, Italy, Botswana and Israel.
  • Discernment grants: Funds are available for students to explore their interests through research projects and experiences.
  • Honors program: Academically talented students enroll in honors courses that enable in-depth study. In these courses, students apply what they are learning through service experiences.
  • Lifelong learning: Classes for retired individuals are available through the Institute for Learning in Retirement. No tests or homework required, these classes provide individuals the chance to learn about a wide variety of topics.

C. Henry Smith Scholars

C. Henry Smith Scholars

Juniors and seniors with a GPA of at least 3.3 may be recommended by faculty and invited to apply for membership. Members may serve as a professor's assistant, attend seminars and special field trips. More about C. Henry Smith Scholars >>>

Spend a Semester in D.C.

Washington DC

Through the Washington Community Scholars Center, students will explore the city, analyze current issues, take classes and gain experience through a 20-hour per week internship. More about a semester in D.C. >>>

race & ethnicity

Race and Ethnicity

 Campus members will celebrate the particular contributions and experiences of people from varied races and ethnicities as well as focus on equally welcoming people from all racial and ethnic backgrounds. More about our Civic Engagement theme >>>