General Education

General Education

Bluffton is a liberal arts university. In addition to completing a major course of studies to prepare for a career, our students also prepare for lifelong learning.

All Bluffton students complete an integrated general education program. This core program begins with First Year Seminar, a course to guide students' exploration of individual identity, and concludes with a Senior Capstone course, which addresses our role as global citizens.

In between, students develop skills in writing and reasoning, and study the world around them in interdisciplinary courses in the arts, natural science, social science, humanities and religion. They then cross boundaries into a culture different from their own by participating in a cross-cultural learning experience. This program is designed to provide a basis for success in the 21st century.

"I learned the value of persevering through unfamiliar material. I enjoyed courses like Introduction to Biblical Literature, where I was challenged to study the Bible in a new way. These courses challenge you to overcome obstacles and in overcoming them, make it easier to overcome future obstacles."
Phil Wiechart, alumnus

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