Fall 2015


Unless otherwise noted, Forum events will take place on Tuesdays at 11 a.m.

On dates with Tuesday in the Library Forum events, students may attend Forum in Yoder Recital Hall or a student presentation in Musselman Library.

Month  Date     Title
Sept. 1   Opening convocation: "Paying Attention Where It Counts," Marge Piercy
10:45 a.m. in Sommer Center

  8   Advising Forum (required for all first-year students)
Yoder Recital Hall
No Arts and Lecture credit available

  15   President's Forum: Dr. James Harder
Founders Hall

  22   "The Constitution and Health Care for the Uninsured," Dr. Timothy Jost
Founders Hall

  29   Cross-cultural presentations
11 a.m. and 7 p.m. in Founder's Hall
(students may receive credit for attending both sessions)

Oct. 13   "Climate Change Disruption: How do we know? What can we do?" Dr. Andrew Jorgensen
Yoder Recital Hall
Tuesday in the Library
"A Year in the Life of a BlueWaters Intern: Its the (very) small things in life," Daniel Piero
Musselman Library Reading Room

  20   "Re-imaginings: Messing with the classics," Dr. April Lindner
Founders Hall

  27   "Living and Trusting the Word of God," Cyneatha Millsaps 
Founders Hall

Nov. 3   "Love the Photo--Don't Like the Scent: Online dating in the age of coffee shops," Dr. Quentin Schultze
Yoder Recital Hall
Tuesday in the Library
"Discoidin Domain Receptor 2 and Its Role in the Inhibition of the Collagen-Mediated Thrombotic Response," Tricia Latimer
Musselman Library Reading Room

  10   "Still 77 Cents on the Dollar: Gender, communication, and work," Dr. Kerry Strayer
Founders Hall

  17   "Serving to Learn, Learning to Serve," Dr. Jeffrey Bouman
Founders Hall

 Dec. 1   "Boys' Achievement Gap and the Ethic of Care: Framing a new discussion about education and gender," Dr. Doug Siemens
Founders Hall

  8   Christmas Festival
Yoder Recital Hall


Unless otherwise noted, events will take place in Yoder Recital Hall.
Expect arts events to last 1.5 - 2 hours. To receive credit, you must attend the entire event.

Month Date Time Event
Sept.   24 7:30 p.m. Artist series: Apollo's Fire**

Oct. 11 2:30 p.m. Fall Concert: Concert Band/Camerata/University Chorale

  25 2:30 p.m. Faculty Recital: Unrau/Jackson

  29 7:30 p.m. Fall Play: "Smash" by Jeffrey Hatcher
Ramseyer Auditorium in College Hall^

  30 7:30 p.m. Fall Play; all Play: "Smash" by Jeffrey Hatcher
Ramseyer Auditorium in College Hall^

  31 7:30 p.m. Fall Play: "Smash" by Jeffrey Hatcher
Ramseyer Auditorium in College Hall^

Nov. 1 2:30 p.m. Fall Play: "Smash" by Jeffrey Hatcher
Ramseyer Auditorium in College Hall^

  7 TBD     Fall Concert: Gospel Choir/Jazz Ensemble

  12 7:30 p.m. Artist series: Heinavanker**

  22 2:30 p.m. Holiday Concert: Concert Band/Chamber Ensembles

Dec. 6 4 p.m. Handel's Messiah, Founders Hall

  13 2:30 p.m.
7:30 p.m.

Christmas Choral Concert^ 

**Seating is limited. Tickets are required for Artist Series, Fall Play, Christmas Choral Festival and May Day musical.

Reserve/purchase your tickets online or at the Marbeck Center Information Desk.

^Students may only receive Arts & Lecture credit for attendance at one performance.


4 p.m., Stutzman Lecture Hall, Centennial Hall

Sept. 11 "An Achievement Evaluation of a Flipped Calculus Course," Don Hooley

 Oct. 2 "The Traveler Ponders Some Rumors: A Sabbatical Report," Jeff Gundy
Kreider Room

  30 "Experiencing Virtual Reality," Ross Kauffman

 Nov. 6 "A New Story," Susan Carpenter

  20 "Joyful Submission and Network Separation in Old Order Mennonite Computing,"
Gerald Mast

Dec. 4 "The State of Youth Ministry in the Ohio Mennonite Conference," Randy Keeler



Month Date Time Location Name/Title
Sept. 13 2 p.m. Grace Albrecht
Gallery, Sauder 
Visual Arts Center

Gallery reception: "The Art of Fiber,: Fiberforum*
  24 2:30 p.m. Centennial 114

Math Seminar: "Planning a Gift Exchange," Darryl Nester
  24 9:30 p.m. Kreider Room Voting: Why is it important to me?

Oct. 10 10 a.m. Grace Albrecht
Gallery, Sauder
Visual Arts Center

Gallery reception: "Instruments of Peace," Justin and Brooke Rothshank*

  20 12 noon Centennial 211 Meet Your Major - Education/Intervention Specialist

  20 4 p.m. Reading Room,

Reading by English Festival guest writer April Lindner
  26  9:30 p.m. Outdoor basketball courts

Level up your skills

  27 4 p.m. Reading Room, Musselman

Author program & reception: The National Body in Mexican Literature, Rebecca Janzen
  27 8 p.m. Centennial 113 Campus Teach In: Issues 1,2 and 3 on the Ohio Ballot

  27 9:30 p.m. Kreider Room

Film "Weaving Life: The Life and Death of a Peacemaker" and discussion

  28 7:30 p.m. Stutzman Lecture

Film "2e: Twice Exceptional" and discussion

  28 9:30 p.m. Stutzman Lecture

Film "Stepping Out in Faith" and discussion
Nov. 5 3:30 p.m. TBD Math Seminar: "Juggling Mathematics," Steve Harnish

  11 noon Kreider Room

Vocational exploration and the Summer Discovery Grant program

  11 7 p.m. Stutzman Lecture Hall

The First Year Teaching Experience
  12 4 p.m. Reading Room, Musselman 

Exhibit opening and program: "Dissident Art: The etchings of Aleksandr Kalugin"
  12 9 p.m. Bob's Place Thursday Night Spotlight: Student Senate projects and student feedback

  13 noon Marbeck room A/B

Science, Faith, and the Arts Conversation, "Report on Andrews University Autumn Conference on certainty & doubt in science & faith"

  17 4 p.m. Centennial 109 Flim "Vegucated" and discussion

  17 7 p.m. Stutzman Lecture Hall

The Syrian Civil War: Global Crisis, Local Response

  22 2 p.m. Grace Albrecht
Gallery, Sauder 
Visual Arts Center

Gallery reception: "Auditions and Curtains,"Chris Hyndman*
Dec. 2 8 p.m. Stutzman Lecture Hall

Film "Not for Sale" and discussion
  3 4 p.m. Reading Room, Musselman 

Author program & reception: Abandoned Homeland: Poems, Jeff Gundy
  6 2 p.m. Marbeck Center Gallery Senior exhibition gallery reception: "Aimless Wandering," Hannah Barber*

  9 8 p.m. Kreider Room Community Task Force Presentation: Water Quality

  9 9:30 p.m. Kreider Room Bob's Talk with Shari Ayers

  13  2 p.m. Grace Albrecht
Gallery, Sauder 
Arts Center

Gallery reception: "Focus," Stefan Chinov and Jeffery Cortland Jones*

* No Arts & Lecture credit will be offered on any other day of the gallery exhibit except for the reception day.  Students must be in the gallery for the artist presentation to receive Arts & Lecture credit. 

This list will be updated regularly with new events

Bluffton University students, faculty, or staff who wish to propose an additional event for arts and lecture credit should contact Dr. Lamar Nisly, associate dean of academic affairs. Include in the proposal a brief rationale as to why the event should count for arts and lecture credit. As they are approved, additional events will appear at this site.