Honors Program Curriculum

The following is an overview of the current honors program curriculum. While pursuing their major field of study, students enroll in honors sections of five of the Liberal Arts and Sciences courses. In addition, honors students complete a special, three-credit honors seminar in the third year. These courses are typically sequenced in the following manner:

First year:
  • ENG 120 Advanced College English (3 credits)
  • COM 185 Public Speaking and Persuasion (3 credits)

Second year:
  • HUM 221 Humanities 1 (3 credits)
  • One of:
    • REL 252 Introduction to New Testament (3 credits)
    • REL 273  Christian Theology (3 credits)
    • REL 274  Christian Ethics (3 credits)

Third year:
    • HON 301 Junior Honors: Community Transformed (3 credits)

Fourth year:
    • LAS 400 Christian Values in a Global Community (3 credits)

Honors students are encouraged to complete a departmental honors project. This consists of independent research within the student's major. Departmental honors projects are usually carried out during the senior year.