Departmental honors

Megan (Moreo '14) EtzkornDepartmental honors projects offer the opportunity for independent study in a topic of the student's choosing. Completed departmental honors projects have included research papers, art shows, children's books and novels.

First, students develop a proposal for the project under the direction of a sponsoring faculty member. This proposal is taken to a faculty committee. When approved, the student begins work on their honors project, meeting periodically with their faculty sponsor. Students earn between 5-7 semester hours of credit spread over at least two semesters.

Over the last several years, students have completed a variety of projects:.

  • Brianna Lugibihl, "'Demo': A Theatrical Exploration of Trauma in Adolescence" 
  • Rebecca Lapp, "Children's Literature to Share Culture, Faith, and Language: A Collection of Bilingual Children's Stories"
  • Amanda Bartel, "Keeping Track of the Past: Cataloging the Bluffton University Historic Clothing Collection"
  • Sarah Dhondt, "Do Ethics Prevail? The Role of Moral Development in Fraud"
  • Ryan Johnson-Evers, "Improving the Sustainability of Bluffton University"
  • Rebecca Juliana, "'The Beaver Monologues:' The Study of Social Work through Theatre"
  • Carly Schweier, "It's a Healthy Obsession! An Analysis of Personality and Fandoms"


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