Investigations on the mushrooms and fungi of the Kitty Todd Prairie of the Oak Openings Region
A preliminary look at both common and rare mushrooms found in this unusual landscape.
Bob Antibus

What’s killing America’s native tree species
A look at the occurrence and importance of introduced fungi and insects on the decline of common native trees in both the eastern and western United States.
Bob Antibus

Human-induced changes in the nitrogen cycle: from fritz haber to ozone alerts
A look at how the growth of the human population has been spurred by the discovery of nitrogen fertilizers and what the environmental costs might be. 
Bob Antibus

Mycorrhizas: Soil fungi essential to sustainable forestry
A look at how certain soil fungi are essential to the growth of trees and maintenance of soil quality.
Bob Antibus

How Your Eyes and Brain Work Together
Wonderful new learning from neuroscience about how we perceive and interact with the world in a visual way. Multitasking, memory, patterns and attention in a world of uncertainty, chaos, multimedia and rapid change.
Ron Headings

Global Climate Change: What We Know
Global climate change is a needlessly controversial topic. This powerpoint lecture covers the basics of the science of climate change by looking at and correcting common misconceptions. Some possible solutions are offered.
Daniel Berger

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