What is Christian Calling?
This workshop or presentation offers three prominent views of calling within the Christian theological tradition and invites audience members to reflect on personal vocation amidst changing occupational stations.
Gerald J. Mast

The Amish and America
Explores the enigmatic relationship between American and Amish culture in light of Amish history and American consumerism.
Gerald J. Mast

Mennonites and war
Describes evolving Mennonite pacifist responses to war, including the transition from two-kingdom theology to a view that stresses Christ s lordship over the whole creation.
Gerald J. Mast

The Gifts of the Martyrs
Drawing on the stories, letters, confessions, debates, hymns, poetry and images found in the classic Anabaptist text Martyrs Mirror this presentation considers what Christians today can learn from the witness of those who offered their lives as a gift to God, even unto death, particularly during the 16th century Reformation era.
Gerald J. Mast
True Evangelical Faith and the Gospel of Peace
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The Sacred Circle: A symbol of transformation through art history
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The last dance at Drigung Dundro: The Tibetan Sky Burial
This 30-minute slide talk introduces the audience to the traditional Tibetan sky burial rite from the first prayers in the courtyard of the monastery to the final mantras and cracking of the skull.  Copies of an article by the same title, written by Philip and published in The Explorers Journal, will be made available to members of the audience.
Philip Sugden

Low German or Old Colony Mennonites: Who are They and What can We Learn from them
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Rebecca Janzen

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Rebecca Janzen

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