The Church and Politics or The Church and Nationalism
This can be one or two presentations. The focus will be on how an Anabaptist or Believers Church should understand its relationship to government and to the ethos of nationalism. What historical events and ideas shape this response? When is cooperation called for? When is opposition or challenge necessary?
J. Denny Weaver

Violence and Theology
This presentation can address a variety of issues related to theology, violence, and Christian practices. Specific focus to be selected in consultation with hosts. Topics might include, but are not limited to:
How Theology Supports Violence or Nonviolence;
Why Atonement Theology is an Ethical Issue;
God and Violence;
Christian Practices of Nonviolence;
The Theology of Restorative Justice and Forgiveness.
J. Denny Weaver

Mennonites and War
Describes evolving Mennonite pacifist responses to war, including the transition from two-kingdom theology to a view that stresses Christ's lordship over the whole creation.
Gerald J. Mast

True Evangelical Faith and the Gospel of Peace
Examines the relationship between evangelical Christian culture and the biblical call to peacemaking and enemy love. Demonstrates how evangelical doctrine can both support and undermine peace convictions.
Gerald J. Mast

The Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center of Bluffton University promotes the study of peace and justice, cultural understanding and nonviolent responses to conflict. If you can't schedule a program at the center to experience the peaceful setting for yourself, the next best option is to plan an event at your location. We can customize interactive sessions for audiences of any age and interest that will incorporate literature, art and music, along with other fun props from the center.
Louise Matthews

The Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center of Bluffton University
The Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center of Bluffton University provides programs and resources to promote the study of peace, cultural understanding and nonviolent responses to conflict through literature and the arts. Visitors are encouraged to browse the collection of children's literature and enjoy the visual art and sculptures in the center and outdoors in the Honda Outdoor Sculpture Garden. Interactive sessions can be customized for audiences of all ages and interests by incorporating literature, music and art to address broad themes of peace.
Louise Matthews

The Gifts of the Martyrs
Drawing on the stories, letters, confessions, debates, hymns, poetry and images found in the classic Anabaptist text Martyrs Mirror this presentation considers what Christians today can learn from the witness of those who offered their lives as a gift to God, even unto death, particularly during the 16th century Reformation era.
Gerald J. Mast

Christian approaches to war
A survey of Christian approaches to war and the imaginations required to sustain these approaches.
Trevor Bechtel

Global Connections
To promote cultural understanding, international students attending Bluffton University share about their country and culture through individual presentations or panel presentations. This opportunity is coordinated through Louise Matthews, the advisor for International Connection, and is limited to occasions when international students are available to participate. Appropriate for audiences of all ages.
Louise Matthews

The Lone Ranger: A character of violence or an appropriate positive role model for the ages?
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Guided tour of peace art
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Conflict Management in the Workplace
The presentation will cover both ways to identify conflict at the personal level and manage conflict in a community/workplace setting. We'll discuss personal conflict styles, cultural competencies, and the role of restorative justice in conflict resolution.
Jackie Wells

For more information or to schedule a speaker, contact the public relations office at at least two weeks prior to your meeting.