Guided tour of peace art
Visit The Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center to enjoy a tour of visual art, both inside the center and in the Honda Outdoor Sculpture Garden. View art work and sculptures created by Esther Augsburger, Oscar Velazquez, Paul Grandlund, Jack Mann, Gregg Luginbuhl, Jon Barlow Hudson, Philip Sugden, Jack Earl, Bernadette D'Amore, Woody Dorsey and others. The tour can be extended to include other significant peace art around campus. Appropriate for all ages.
Louise Matthews

Preserving treasured documents: Tricks of the trade
Family history research, scrapbooking - the process of rediscovering and holding on to our memories is experiencing a revival in our society. Learn the basics of preserving your treasured documents, including strategies, materials and tools for proper storage and cleaning.
Carrie Phillips

Visions from the Fields of Merit: An artist's experience in Tibet, Mustang and the Himalayas
This PowerPoint lecture presents spectacular images drawn, painted and photographed by the artist on location in Tibet and the Himalayas, and offers the audience insight into his creative process, personal symbolism and philosophy.
Philip Sugden

The Sacred Circle: A symbol of transformation through art history
This PowerPoint/video lecture explores and discusses the circle used by artists as a symbol of unity and completeness from the early Paleolithic period through the modern era and includes the sacred art of Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as the ideas and mandala's of Carl Jung.
Philip Sugden

The Life and Works of Outsider Artist, Adolf Wolfli
This PowerPoint presentation explores the work of an artist who spent almost his entire life in an asylum creating drawings and collages that represented his hallucinogenic journey through the universe.
Philip Sugden