Civic Engagement

Race and Ethnicity in America: Celebration, Struggle, Opportunity

During the 2013-14 academic year, we will focus on celebrating the particular contributions and experiences of people from varied races and ethnicities. We expect that students, faculty, and staff will highlight the multiple ways that their varied disciplines and individual experiences have been enriched by diverse experiences and contributions.

At the same time, we will explore the ongoing struggle in the United States, including our region and our campus, toward equally welcoming people from all racial and ethnic backgrounds. For instance, what do we mean when we use the word "community?" Who is typically included and who is excluded? How do we create a genuinely welcoming community?

Throughout the year, we will seek to respond to the challenges before us and identify new opportunities to celebrate our racial and ethnic diversity in ways that help us build more welcoming communities in our region and beyond.

Civic Engagement Day 2013

Opening convocation

Opening Convocation
Lorene Cary, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and a highly regarded author, spoke at Opening Convocation on Aug., 27, 2013.   >>> More about Opening Convocation

Summer reading

Black Ice
Lorene Cary's memoir Black Ice  is required summer reading for all first-year students. Ms. Cary was transplanted into a formerly all-white, all-male prep school in 1972. She was determined to succeed without selling out.

2012-13: virtual living

Virtual Living Civic Engagement Day
President James Harder called the 2012-13 Civic Engagement Theme, "Virtual Living: Technology's Impact on Culture and Learning," a theme that "intersects with every academic discipline in some way."
>>> 2012-13 theme review