Civic Engagement Day 2016

April 6
8 a.m.

The Film Room: Gender Roles & Science - A Historical Perspective
Speaker: Dr. Steve Harnish
Location: Centennial Hall 109
With film segments and discussion, we’ll examine contributions of women to science in recent centuries.Special attention will be given to Mileva Maric’s contributions to special relativity and Rosalind Franklin’s research on the structure of DNA.

Ad-Verse Reactions
Speakers: Women's Circle
Location: Stutzman Lecture Hall
We will be showing different images of ads throughout the years and how they portray gender and identity.

Work-Life Balance for Men and Women
Speaker: Britnie Loch
Location: Centennial Hall 211
This presentation will explore work/life balance with a focus on how men and women experience this challenge differently and similarly.

Examining Themes of Gender Roles in “Parks & Recreation”
Speaker: Eli Weikart
Location: Kreider Room
In this session, we will examine the way themes of gender roles are used in the popular TV show "Parks and Recreation."

9 a.m.

The Film Room: Women in Movies
Speaker: Brent Schroeder
Location: Centennial Hall 109
In this session we will watch short clips on Youtube by Anita Sarkeesian and Colin Stokes about women and masculinity in movies. These videos will be followed by discussion on the topic of gender representation in movies.

What You Should Know About Family Medical Leave
Speaker: Scott Sharik
Location: Centennial Hall 113
This workshop will provide participants with a working knowledge of FMLA: What it is, why it's important and how it works.

What Bluffton University Thinks About Women
Speakers: Kristen Beck & Lauren Hoffman
Location: Stutzman Lecture Hall
We plan to show video of us asking people on campus what they think it means to be a woman, as well as other related questions. Afterwards, we will hold a discussion about the video and how feminism looks on Bluffton University's campus.

But the Bible Says...
Speaker: Shannon Thiebeau
Location: Centennial Hall 211
An overview of biblical womanhood and gender roles in the life of the church.

Gender Violence
Speakers: Alyssa Kauffman, Emily Short, Gabrielle DeVito, Abbi McCormick, & Chris Brenner
Location: Kreider Room
Presenting on how gender violence is present on college campuses, how to become aware of it, and ways to help prevent it. 

10 a.m.

The Film Room: Feminism Evolves (extended session until 12PM)
Speaker: Dr. Susan Carpenter
Location: Centennial Hall 109
In this session we will watch the documentary “Growing Up Female” and a Ted Talk by Courtney Martin titled “Reinventing Feminism.” These videos will be followed by discussion.

Women’s Body Image
Speaker: Torri Futch, Hannah Herman, & Shelby Koenig
Location: Centennial Hall 113
We would like to have a question and answer session discussing women's personal appearance and body image. We would also like to discuss the stereotypes women face and the standards they are suppose to live up to in society during our session.

Title IX: It’s More Than Just Sports
Speaker: Dr. Julie DeGraw
Location: Stutzman Lecture Hall
The goal of this session will be to education participants on the content and history of Title IX legislation and recent updates to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).  Participants will be engaged in identifying common myths and misconceptions regarding Title IX and knowing how to identify, intervene and report sexual misconduct on campus and in the community. 

The Gender Wage Gap: Affecting Women Everywhere
Speakers: Courtney Rettig & Alissa Hauke
Location: Centennial Hall 211
Women make seventy-seven to eighty-four cents to the man’s dollar. We hear about this wage inequality all of the time, but we rarely hear about the specifics. Our goal for this presentation is to communicate ideas of why it has occurred, how it affects different women, and what possible solutions there could be. We can introduce the issue through a video. After the video, we could present certain facts and examples of the wage gap.

Exploring Gender Privilege
Speakers: Social Work Club
Location: Kreider Room
We will present some information about gender privilege and do an activity to illustrate the issue.

11 a.m.

Buy Your Gender! The Focus on Gendered Items
Speakers: Dane Pitchford, Chase King, Hannah Minor, John Eber, Juanita Minor, & Nicholas Seifert
Location: Centennial Hall 113
The presentation will focus on how certain pieces of clothing are societally accepted as "masculine" and "feminine." Our presentation will look at how these items became labeled that way as well as if it is justified to continue to do this in today's society.

Gender Inequalities
Speakers: Social Sciences Capstone Class
Location: Stutzman Lecture Hall
Could gender stereotypes be influencing your life in ways you don’t even realize? In this interactive session, you will have an opportunity to identify gender stereotypes you may hold and learn what research says about the validity of those stereotypes. This session will provide opportunities not just to talk about stereotypes, but also to put them to the test. Along the way, we will learn about the concept of stereotype threat and how it may impact our performance in unexpected ways.

Bad Feminists
Speakers: Poetry Reading Class
Location: Centennial Hall 211
Poems, reflections, and conversations on the fraught term "feminism" and its meaning in the lives of actual Bluffton students and faculty. With a nod to Roxane Gay's book of the same name.

Men Dance Too: Line Dancing Workshop
Speakers: Fault Lines
Location: Reichenbach Room
Members from Fault Lines will be teaching students how to do several of the line dances we do during meetings each week with a focus on creating a welcoming and open environment for all.

Gender, Power, and the Body in Contemporary Art
Speakers: Jim Fultz & Phil Sugden
Location: Sauder Mac Lab
This talk will explore some of the ways that artists investigate ideas about gender, power and vulnerability through representations of the body.

12 noon

The Hunger Games: Global Food Distribution, Gender Inequality, and Privilege
Speakers: Bluffton University Nutrition Association
Location: Kreider Room
Participants will randomly receive a card placing them in high class, middle class or low class. Food will be served corresponding to the class. A brief presentation will be given discussing access and amounts of food around the world, gender roles in farming and agriculture, and time for reflecting on what we can do as a privileged class.

I Get to Choose: Lion & Lamb Workshop (Extended Session – until 2:15 p.m.)
Speakers: Diane Neal & Louise Matthews
Location: Burcky Gym
The Lion and Lamb Peace Arts Center is sponsoring an interactive event for Diane Neal's EDU class to lead activities with small groups of Bluffton second graders incorporating literature, art, music and movement.

Title IX: Its Impact on College Athletics
Speaker: Coach Jim Brandt
Location: Stutzman Lecture Hall
This session will examine the impacts of Title IX legislation on the landscape of collegiate athletics.

1 p.m.

The Film Room: Masculinity & Manhood
Speaker: John Parent
Location: Centennial Hall 109
In this session we will watch the videos by Jackson Katz and Michael Kimmel about violence against women, the macho paradox, and gender equality. These videos will be followed by discussion.

The Beaver Monologues
Speaker: Rebecca Juliana
Location: Centennial Hall 113
Come join some of the cast members of "The Beaver Monologues" for a question and answer talk back session about their experiences of being part of the show.

Men Get Beat Too?
Speakers: Olivia DePalma, Emily Zimmerman, Alexis Edenfield, Savanah Hofstetter, Crystal Sellers Battle, Rudi Kauffman, Ross Kauffman, & Zachary Walton
Location: Stutzman Lecture Hall
A presentation over the abuse of men, which will be followed by a panel of Zachary Walton and Crystal Sellers-Battle.  Afterwards there will be a quick question and answer period to follow the presentation.

Gender-Neutral Parenting
Speakers: Liandrin Thomas, Julia Thatcher, Ashley Keller, Katelyn Gardella, & Taylor Good
Location: Centennial Hall 211
We plan on providing an informational lecture on what gender-neutral parenting is, sharing a video about it, and having a discussion on the topic.

Awareness Walk
Speakers: Mackenzie Hoeckley, Abby Graber, Mickie Gonwick, & Taylor Lewis
Location: Kreider Room
This session will include an interactive exercise, based on’s “What Is Privilege?” video and a discussion on what each of us has learned about ourselves, others, and privilege based on this exercise.

2 p.m.

The Film Room: A Hero For Daisy
Speakers: C. Henry Smith Scholars
Location: Centennial Hall 109
A 40-minute documentary about women's athletics, followed by brief discussion.

Transgender Perceptions Today
Speaker: Lauren Dickerson, Allison Hammond, Kristina Engberg, Elizabeth Weaver, Sarah Barren & Bethany Rannebarger
Location: Centennial Hall 113
Our group will present research and information on the transgender population with a focus on understanding the experience of a person who identifies as transgender.

“Role” With It: A Workshop on Gender Roles and Expectations
Speakers: Language Variation Class
Location: Stutzman Lecture Hall
Participants will engage in a variety of activities and discussions around gender roles and communication in the US.

Exploring Gender in Children’s Literature
Speaker: Teaching and Assessing Reading Class
Location: Kreider Room
This presentation will be a poster session. Students will explore the role of gender in children's literature. They will provide an analysis of gender equity concerning characters in children's books.

Heteronormativity: Flipped Upside Down
Speakers: Alyssa Yoxtheimer, Sarah Pryzbylo, Jessie Madzia, Shanon Gallagher, & Austin McKinnon
Location: Centennial 211
This presentation will be taking a look at how the world would be if we were a "homonormative" society. This will question how people look at sexuality and gender by making them think about the world in a different prospective than what we have today.

Johannes Brahms and Clara Schumann, a Tragedy: Gender Roles, Proto-feminism and State-controlled Prostitution in 19th c. Germany
Speakers: Peter Terry, Crystal Sellers Battle, & Lucia Unrau
Location: Yoder Recital Hall
The presentation will examine the most famous love triangle in classical music as a means of exploring the dynamics of gender and genius in the ultimately tragic relationship between Johannes Brahms, Clara Schumann, and her husband William Schumann, arguably three of the most important musicians in European history.  Doing so illuminates how gender roles shape and limit personal freedom even among non-traditional relationships.

3 p.m.

Data analytics & Gender@Bluffton
Speaker: Data Analytics Class
Location: Centennial Hall 109
The Data Analytics class is collecting and analyzing data from surveys of Bluffton students on themes related to gender roles, relationships and realities. During this session, they will share their insights and findings with the broader community.

LGBTQ Discrimination
Speakers: Katelyn Shoemaker & Nic Chupp
Location: Centennial Hall 113
We will be talking about three different points of discrimination with the LGBTQ community.

Gender Aptitude Test: Discussion About the Test, Your Results, and Your Thoughts
Speaker: Dr. Susan Carpenter
Location: Stutzman Lecture Hall
Any who wants to participate may pick up a copy of Kate Bornstein's Gender Aptitude TEST, "take it", and turn in results. The tests will be made available in the morning and discussed in this session.

The Economics of Gender
Speakers: Labor Economics Class
Location: Centennial Hall 211
Labor Economics students selected a few of our 5 minute video presentations to show and we will engage the audience with questions between video segments. 

Challenging Gender Roles in South Sudan: Catherine the Masseuse Colin Lasu
Location: Kreider Room
In South Sudan, the world's newest nation, a patriarchal society determines gender roles. Men determine the type of jobs women pursue. In the short documentary, "No Difference," Catherine, a masseuse tells her life story and explains how her job challenges societal gender roles as she presses and rolls the key body points of her client.

8 p.m.

The Professor in the Cage: Why Men Fight and Why We Like to Watch
Speaker: Jonathan Gottschall, Ph.D
Location: Yoder Recital Hall
Gottschall splits his academic writing between scientific and literary journals. He is a leading figure in a new movement to bridge the divide between the two disciplines of the sciences and the humanities.