Amanda Hunt ’17


Bluffton student interns at Inventors Hall of Fame

Amanda Hunt ’17, a business and marketing double major from Navarre, Ohio, had an inventive internship opportunity that allowed her to discover and explore beyond a marketing focus. Hunt spent her summer working for Camp Invention, a branch of the National Inventors Hall of Fame, designed for children in grades 1 through 6 that allows the kids to develop their own inventions and explore science and math in a hands-on way.

Hunt said her small tour at Camp Invention prior to the internship was friendly and welcoming; and in the end, the internship offered an opportunity that was difficult to resist. “It was the National Inventors Hall of Fame, so it was bound to be something interesting,” she said.

Hunt’s position gave her opportunity to work with people in a professional setting and allowed her to develop skills necessary to her major; however, Hunt said she had to approach marketing in a different way. “I really like people and working with people and in my past jobs I’ve worked with the public before; but it’s different when you’re trying to market a camp and convince them it’s the right path for their child.”

As a business relations intern, Hunt worked with parents, maintained registration papers, edited marketing projects and made challenging camp cancellation calls. “Calling cancellations was hard because for a lot of the parents this was their form of child care,” Hunt said. “That was probably the most difficult part of my internship.”

Hunt also had a chance to step out of the office setting and join the kids in their exploration and discovery. “The National Inventors Hall of Fame has a school for kids who are underprivileged, and we got to go there and work with the kids,” she said. Of the many memories of her internship, Hunt’s fondest was getting to work with the kids. “I definitely liked going to the camp and interacting with the kids. I just like talking to people.”

As well, Hunt gained important relationships during her internship with her coworkers. “I think an aspect that was really cool was that they had a bunch of other interns my age, and so I gained a lot of nice connections among my peers.”

Hunt gained a strong connection with the human resources team, which she believes will be a great benefit as she thinks about her future. “I have a concentration in HR, so I want to work in that field for a while. I got to know the head of HR at the Hall of Fame pretty well, and he’s going to be a good reference. He gave me a few pointers of how to get into the field.”

Hunt said Bluffton’s values contributed to her work and opinions during her time at the Hall of Fame. “I think that being from Bluffton had a heavy influence on my internship and how I viewed things.”

Bluffton’s enduring value of discovery was also very present during Hunt’s internship, and she believed the ideas of discovery were important for many of the children there. “The whole point of this camp was letting kids be able to discover and know that it’s okay to fail, you just have to try again.” she said. “You learn from your failures, and a lot of them aren’t taught that in school. I felt like that was a really beneficial part of the program.”

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