Dr. Adam Schattschneider

Double duty

Dr. Adam Schattschneider, professor of music and woodwind instrumentalist, spent part of his 2012-13 sabbatical not only playing music, but also building a website from scratch to help out his fellow “doublers.”

Adam describes the site as a resource for woodwind doublers—musicians trained in more than one woodwind instrument.

Launched in 2013, it provides tips for playing all woodwinds, including flute, clarinet and saxophone. Readers can learn about tongue position, finger placement, vibrato, breath support and much more.

The site also provides a historical overview of woodwind doubling, such as the rise in popularity of professional multi-instrumentalists. In addition, he provides advice on how to become a doubler, suggesting that “only one instrument should be added to your arsenal at a time.”

While the completed website is a comprehensive database for all things woodwind, it took more than a decade of research to put it all together. Adam began compiling information back in the 1990s while writing his dissertation, which polled multi-instrumentalists who teach at universities throughout North America. 

And he was hard at work before his sabbatical even started. “I also spent many weeks during summer 2012 and throughout that fall semester researching everything that had been published since my dissertation in 1997,” he said. Of course, his more than 20 years as a professional musician and instructor have also helped make him an expert on the subject.

Adam used Adobe Dreamweaver to build the website because he was familiar with the program, and also because he used it to build his existing personal site. “I wanted my new website to interface well with my original pages and to have a similar look and navigation,” he said.

Although he had previous experience with the design process, Adam said he was fortunate to have the assistance of two university staff members—Sara Kisseberth, Web communication manager, and Art Shelly, network director. “I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten from the university,” he said.

Woodwind Doubling Resource Project website


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