Kevin Every '17


Baseball ‘hype’ video leads to unexpected opportunities

An injury kept Bluffton University pitcher, Kevin Every ’17, an information technology major from Zanesville, Ohio, out for most of the 2015 baseball offseason, but he wanted to contribute to the team in some way.  So, for three months, Every worked on a baseball hype video to get the community excited for the baseball season.

“We all see schools like Ohio State and other big schools come up with these awesome hype videos,” said Every. “So, I thought to myself ‘why can’t we?’  I’ve always been into videography and the idea of using videos to portray emotion, and I think hype videos are perfect for that.”

This wasn’t an easy task for Every. He recorded more than 20 hours of video to capture the 1:47 video, and overall, put about 40 hours into the project. He made several renditions of the video before selecting his favorite. Every says it was, “a lot of hard work.”

“I couldn’t practice, and I couldn’t run, so I put it upon myself to do the video,” said Every.

Every’s love for videography started in high school. He learned to edit with Adobe After Effects, which allows for movie effects such as explosions and green-screen work. In high school, Every didn’t see it as much of a career goal.

“It wasn’t until last year when my father got a MacBook for me, which is when I got interested in IMovie,” Every said. “It really got me into the real simple video work, and then I started a YouTube channel, which really propelled my videos and what I like to do.”

The hype video has given Every unexpected opportunities in videography.  He was contacted by a Bluffton alum who works in multimedia, and he just started working in the Bluffton University publication relations office with an emphasis on creating videos.

“I would love to take this on as a career,” said Every.  “If I found it could support my family and me, I would definitely do it. Whether it is working at a TV station, doing film work or doing commercials for ad agencies, it would be an amazing experience.”

>>> Baseball hype video

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Colton Steiner ’18, public relations student writer