Dr. Darryl Nester


Professor of mathematics

Dr. Darryl Nester doesn't need to rely on his statistics background to calculate the probability that he'll be bald by the end of today (Feb. 27): It's 100 percent, if all goes well.

The mathematics professor will have his head shaved along with the baseball team to raise money for the Vs. Cancer Foundation today at 12 p.m. in The Commons.

"I've done fundraisers for different things, but nothing like this," Darryl said.

The Vs. Cancer foundation is dedicated to combating child cancer. Half of the proceeds from today's fundraiser will aid a children's cancer hospital, while the other half will be used to support national cancer research, according to the organization's website.

"Everybody's been touched by cancer," Darryl said. He lost his father to the disease, his brother battled cancer in his early 20s and his niece was diagnosed with neuroblastoma around age 5.

Roughly 160,000 children worldwide are diagnosed with cancer every year, Vs. Cancer reports.

Although Darryl is fully committed to today's event, he carries some anxiety. "The head shaving is happening about lunch time, and I have to teach class at 1," he said. To him, preparing for the event is "more of a recognition that it's going to happen."

The baseball team as of Wednesday, has raised $6,240.

It's going to be a while before his hair grows back, but Darryl believes that purposely going bald makes a significant gesture against cancer. "It's a lasting statement," he said.

He plans to represent his niece, who is now 13 and undergoing treatment, as well as all people who are victims of cancer or have been affected by it.

"It feels like the right time to do something."