Computer Use Policy

Musselman Library provides computing resources for library users in support of the academic programs at Bluffton University. The library setting offers an environment that encourages exploration and learning through access to information and research materials online in close proximity to the print library collections needed for research.

There are 19 computer workstations throughout the library: 10 near the Research and Information Desk on the 3rd floor (main level); 3 on the 2nd floor; 4 on the 4th floor; and 2 on the Archives and Special Collections floor. All workstations are connected to the campus network and to the Internet and are networked to two printers on the main floor: a laser printer and a color inkjet printer.

Bluffton University users with a valid Bluffton University network account may log on to the library PCs and connect to campus network file storage. Community patrons and guests may use a guest account to log on at the workstations (login/password are posted at each PC) but do not have access to the file storage. Any user connected to the network in the library has full access to library databases and online services. Because of the library s contractual agreements with database providers, off-campus use of online resources is limited to registered students, faculty, and staff of Bluffton University.

Bluffton University students, faculty, and staff are considered primary users of library computer workstations and will be given priority in the use of these workstations. Community patrons, alumni, high school students, and guests of the library may use the computer workstations for educational and research purposes when these workstations are not needed by primary users.

Grade school/middle school students may use library computers ONLY when accompanied by a parent or guardian or when granted permission for limited time educational use. Please ask at the Research & Information Desk.

Any users of library computers are expected to follow campus-wide policies for responsible use and guidelines appropriate to our community of respect. "Authorized users agree to use the Bluffton network in accordance with the Bluffton standards for campus conduct and to abide by all relevant academic standards and laws with respect to copyright and the responsible use of network and Internet resources."

Because the library computers are provided in support of the educational and research needs of Bluffton students and faculty/staff, the following activities are considered inappropriate: excessive and/or disruptive game playing or other recreational use; excessive printing; destroying files; and/or damaging equipment.

This list is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement for inappropriate use.

Questions about this Computer Use Policy can be directed to Paul Weaver, research librarian, or Mary Jean Johnson, library director. Also, feel free to ask questions anytime at the Research & Information Desk.

Updated August 2012