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M Databases

Mango Languages 

Mango Languages offers innovative language-learning for more than 60 languages and 17 ESL (English as a Second Language) courses. All of the courses are presented with an appreciation for cultural nuance and real-world application that integrates components of vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture. You can learn on the go, take a self-paced lesson anywhere, via free mobile apps.

MAS Ultra: School Edition    FULL-TEXT CONTENT 
Coverage: 1984 - present

MAS Ultra - School Edition provides full text from over 515 periodicals covering general reference, health, science, and other areas. In addition to the full text, this database offers indexing and abstracts for 581 magazines. This database also includes over 3,000 charts, tables and graphs converted to ASCII text; 5,000 full text Magill Book Reviews; full text of 149 Macmillan books; over 540 health and science-related pamphlets in full text; coverage of the CIA World Factbook; and Essential Documents in American History. Full text backfiles go as far back as January of 1990, while indexing and abstract backfiles go as far back as January of 1984. Updated daily.


MasterFILE Premier provides full text for more than 1,900 general reference, business, consumer health, general science, and multi-cultural periodicals. In addition to the full text, this database offers indexing and abstracts for over 2,510 periodicals. For some titles, full text archives are available back to 1975. The database also contains full text for nearly 200 reference and travel books; 88,000 biographies; 60,000 primary source documents; and 91,000 photos, maps, and flags. Updated daily.

Coverage: 1940 - present

MathSciNet provides access to over 60 years of Mathematical Reviews and Current Mathematical Publications (from 1940 to the present). Mathematical Reviews provides timely reviews or summaries of articles and books that contain new contributions to mathematical research. MR covers articles and books in applied areas that contain new mathematical results or give novel and interesting applications of known mathematics. The full text of all reviews from 1940 to the present is available on MathSciNet. Items listed in the annual indexes of Mathematical Reviews but not given an individual review are also included. Current Mathematical Publications is a subject index of bibliographic data for recent and forthcoming publications. Most items are later reviewed in Mathematical Reviews. All items in Mathematical Reviews appear first in Current Mathematical Publications. Updated daily.

Maya Archaeology Digital Photographs 

Maya Archaeology Photographs show Maya architecture and scenery from Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala and serves as a resource for the exploration of the various and complex interrelationships within Maya society.


MedicLatina is a Spanish language collection of medical research and investigative journals published by renowned Latin American medical publishers. This unique database provides access to full text for nearly 100 peer-reviewed medical journals.

Coverage: 1950-present

MEDLINE (PubMed) provides free access to MEDLINE, the NLM database of more than 11 million bibliographic citations and abstracts in the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, health care systems, and preclinical sciences. Includes access to additional selected life sciences journals not in MEDLINE. Links to the full-text of articles at participating publishers web sites. Links to the molecular biology databases maintained by NCBI. Interface developed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at the National Library of Medicine (NLM), located at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Links to full-text of selected articles are available using this URL to access PubMed.

Coverage: 1965-present

MEDLINE with full text (EBSCO) is a comprehensive source of full text for medical journals, providing full text for more than 1,370 journals indexed in MEDLINE. Of those, more than 1,340 have cover-to-cover indexing in MEDLINE. This wide-ranging file contains full text for many of the most used journals in the MEDLINE index - with no embargo. With full-text coverage dating back to 1965, MEDLINE with Full Text is the definitive research tool for medical literature.

Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests In Print    FULL-TEXT CONTENT 
Coverage: Volume 9 to present

Mental Measurements Yearbook, produced by the Buros Institute at the University of Nebraska, provides users with a comprehensive guide to over 2,000 contemporary testing instruments. Designed for an audience ranging from novice test consumers to experienced professionals, the MMY series contains information essential for a complete evaluation of test products within such diverse areas as psychology, education, business, and leadership. First published by Oscar K. Buros, the MMY series allows users to make knowledgeable judgments and informed selection decisions about the increasingly complex world of testing. MMY provides coverage from Volume 9 to the present. Click here to see the catalog record and our print holdings for Mental Measurements Yearbook.

Mergent Online    FULL-TEXT CONTENT 

The authoritative source for information on over 10,000 US companies listed on the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ exchanges, over 20,000 non-US companies representing 95% of the non-US global market capitalization and over 1.1 million global privately held companies via Dun & Bradstreet. Also includes up to 15 years of financials, real-time access to SEC (EDGAR) filings dating back to 1993, textually enriched business descriptions including product names, brand names and unsurpassed historical information outlining merger and acquisition activity, executive biographies on over 200,000 confirmed corporate executives, updated daily and industry reports covering North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America.

Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies    FULL-TEXT CONTENT 

Middle Eastern & Central Asian Studies, produced by NISC, is a systematic and non-evaluative bibliographic index of research, policy and scholarly discourse on the countries and peoples of the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa . This database contains more than 639,000 records and coverage spans from 1900 and earlier to present.

Middle Search Plus    FULL-TEXT CONTENT 
Coverage: 1984 - present

Middle Search Plus provides full text from over 140 general reference, health and science magazines. In addition to the full text, this database offers indexing and abstracts for over 170 magazines. This database includes 2,000 charts, tables and graphs converted to ASCII text; full text of 52 reference books; full text of hundreds of pamphlets; over 5,000 full text Magill Book Reviews; Funk & Wagnallís New Encyclopedia; coverage of the CIA World Factbook; Essential Documents in American History and The Encyclopedia of Animals. Full text backfiles go as far back as January of 1990, while indexing and abstract backfiles go as far back as January of 1984. Updated daily.

MLA Directory of Periodicals 

MLA Directory of Periodicals contains all information available on the journals and series on the MLA bibliography's Master List of Periodicals. Over 5,500 titles are included; of these, over 4,400 are currently indexed. The entries include editorial contact information, as well as frequency, circulation, subscription prices and submission guidelines.

MLA International Bibliography    FULL-TEXT CONTENT 
Coverage: 1926 - present

MLA International Bibliography is an index to books and articles published on modern languages, literatures, folklore, and linguistics. Coverage includes literature from all over the world. Folklore is represented by folk literature, music, art, rituals, and belief systems. Linguistics and language materials range from history and theory of linguistics, comparative linguistics, semantics, stylistics, and syntax to translation. Other topics include literary theory and criticism, dramatic arts (film, radio, television, theater), and history of printing and publishing. The MLA Directory of Periodicals and the Association's proprietary thesaurus used to assign descriptors to each record in the bibliography are also included.

Morgan Bibliography of Ohio Imprints, 1796-1850 
Coverage: 1796-1850

The Morgan Bibliography of Ohio Imprints, 1796-1850, describes books, pamphlets, and broadsides printed in Ohio. The bibliography includes names of libraries that own copies of these historical materials to aid in locating originals. Through a partnership with the American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Massachusetts, many titles formerly owned by the Morgan Library are now in the AAS collections. The Morgan Library of Ohio Imprints is also compiling an Ohio Name and Institution Index of those names and institutions mentioned in the imprints. The Morgan Bibliography of Ohio Imprints, 1796-1850 is compiled and maintained by Richard P. Morgan. It is available from the OhioLINK Web site as a public service to researchers worldwide.

OhioLINK Music Center 

The OhioLINK Music Center, a subset of the Naxos Music Library, is an online streaming music database of international works from Classical to Spoken Word. The 78,000+ tracks, 21,000+ works can be searched or browsed by track, title, performer, album, composer and date of composition. Flash player is required. Access to the music files is restricted to the students, faculty and staff of OhioLINK member institutions.